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Cheeky little review here by The Retro Man blog, chatting about tour dates, the new single and the b sides along with some comments about past live performances and Charlie and Leon's little bromance of course. Give it a read, some good stuff on this blog.



Dirt Royal @ The Prince Albert 16/10

Great gig at the Prince Albert Friday night, an eventful night indeed. The Brighton date of the tour so we were excited and knew that something would kick off. We were ready to go on and get stuck in to our set, with a packed out room of weekenders, royalists and people that were not there to see us. We noticed that two of our guitars and our custom made snare drum had gone missing, all kicked off leading to lights on and non one being allowed to leave the building, people arguing falling out. A lot of our trusty fans (among new faces) were very helpful indeed in helping us find the equipment and stopping Charlies jaw from getting cramp. 

But turns out a sound man from the night before took the equipment in mistake of his own so we got the equipment back and got on stage and played harder, faster and sweatier than ever. Really turned out to be a great gig with a great audience, great line up, great people, such a great start to the 'Dr Weekend Mr Week Tour'. Pictures by Ian Bourn, thanks Ian. And Dr Weekend himself made an appearance.... first picture at the top and thats SickBoy that jumped up on stage and rubbed Charlies face into his chest (obviously as we played SickBoy Method). 



                                                  'Dr Weekend (Mr Week)' released today
You can buy the 7inch single Dr Weekend online or if your out and about you can pick one up in a few of these record shops among others around the world. If your record player is broke no need to panic because you can buy 'Dr Weekend (Mr Week)' and the Vinyl AA side 'It Was You' on Itunes along with two B-Sides. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/dr-weekend-ep/id1040179174
Big thank you to all hat have bought the records/tracks and for your positive feedback, keep it coming. Tour Dates revealed also 


Here it is 'Dr Weekend (Mr Week)' the music video

All right now, for all you boppers out there in the big city, all you street people with an ear for the action, I've been asked to relay a request from the Grammercy Riffs. It's a special for all you Weekenders but also you 9-5 repressed renegades waiting for your rampage..... let this be your theme to your self destruction. 

Dirt Royal would like to thank The Jurys out Pub customers, Pete, Rob and Chris and of course Jim Ford and Hotel Paranoia Film Productions. 



‘Dr Weekend (Mr Week)’ released September 2015, is the follow up single to their Debut Album ‘This Is Now’. The lyrics tell the story of a man who is depressed and bored with his 9-5 job in the week. So bored to the point that come weekend all this repressed anger and unhappiness cause him to transform in to an abomination of a party animal going on a rampage threw various bars, clubs, street corners and gutters to find him self back at Monday morning where he started and relive the process all over again. Dirt Royal feel the new release to be a successful progression from their Debut Album.




After a lot of thought and dicussion we decided we will not be working with Label records anymore down to personal reasons. So after all the delays that there were, this only added to the delay of the release of our single 'Dr Weekend (Mr Week'. But we have now sorted another deal and have a release date which is 9th October, the single will be available on Vinyl and Download and we will be previewing the music video before then. And we will be announcing a string of UK dates to promote and showcase the new release. But until then.... tomorrow night we are playing The Latest Music bar in Brighton along side our friends 'Dirty Weekend'. Starts at 8:30pm, there are only a few tickets left which you can buy online. Look forward to seeing you all there, going to be a great night.



Sorting a few things out.

We didn't get round to writing about all the shows we did in May and the recording process of our next single. No news means good news in the Dirt Royal camp accept for that time when we got offered a lot of money to play a show but once i corrected them when they called us Royal Blood but still added "we are available for that date", we never heard anything thing back ha. The gigs went well met a to of new people, did some london shows ad stuff for Fringe festival, great escape all the hipster stuff then did some back alley boozer gigs in our natural habitat. Have filmed the music video for our next single 'Dr Weekend? Mr Week?'. The first edit that we had a look at a few days ago is incredible, the acting (method of course) is great, so entertaining and really gets the message of the song across, Director/ producer/ friend Jim Ford is doing a great job, really can't wait for you all to see/hear it. Im so proud of this single/ video. More news to come, test pressings of the vinyl arrive this week so then we can set a release date, finalising gigs/ art work and how ginger Micks hair really is. For the meanwhile here is a few of the gigs we got coming up and a little picture of Charlie doing some songs at the acoustic showcase in the Fred Perry Shop. 

23rd July@ The Hotel Pelirocco :8pm (free)
1st August @ The Carlisle, Hastings :2pm (free punk all sayer gig)
1st August @The Putney Club, London :7:30p (£5 or message for guest list)
25th August @ The Prince Albert, Brighton (tbc)
11th September @ The Latest Music Bar, Brighton (tbc)


Supporting Sham 69 at the 100 CLUB 27/2/15

Last night we headed up to the 100 club in London to open for Sham 69, we guessed it was going to be a night to remember. I was a bit worried after the sound check because the sound check went very well and i always see bad sound checks as good luck, don't know why but i just do. But our set went very well , the audience was all there waiting for us and gave us a warm welcome thanks to the introduction by the Human Punk promoters, such a long and bouncy stage, i couldn't help but pogo threw our set, The sham 69 manager 'Paul' was kind enough to have the sham film crew shoot our set for us, which we are very appreciative of. All an all it was a great gig, knock off were the next band on and were kind enough to let us use their back line, the place went mad when sham walked on and blasted threw their set,  i think i see too many bands our age with hardly any energy or conviction in their performance (but still top guar players, drummers etc), all those types of bands should consider going to a Sham gig at some point, (take notes). Playing a selection of the old songs that have become punk rock anthems and some new tunes in there , was enough to make the audience go insane. 100 club it self is a important and special venue for music , most defiantly in our case, was a breeding ground for the genre that has inspired us so much. Great night, great bands, great cub, and thanks to all of you that bought an album and cheered us on. Next stop is Friday 6th march at The Bread and Roses in Clapham and then Saturday 7th March at the Sidney Water Centre in Worthing. See you there. x


7th February at The Prince Albert

Great gig at the prince Albert saturday night, was good to see so many new faces. We really enjoyed the opening set from The Vril setting the bar for the rest of the bands, and with one man down they manage to still come across with 100% energy and melody., check the Vril out here www.facebook.com/thevrilband. Second on was Violet Class that traveled all the way down from Reading, was our first time watching this band and i like what i saw, good guitar riffs and funky drum beats, but what i enjoyed the most was the bass playing, taking the lead on a lot of sections with killer riffs, you can check Violet Class out here www.facebook.com/violetclass, two class bands. We hit the stage after this lot and decided to try out quite a few new songs which we had a good response with 'Home Made Hell' went the best, felt very powerful and the audience got in to it, 'Davids Reckoning' on the other hand needs a bit of work but you need to try these things live to see where your going wrong (and correct). Good to see all the gang at the front encouraging the new comers to get in to it also and a big shout out to Label Records for sorting it out and the team at the Albert. Back to recording for our new release......



What a year it was, we had the release of our Debut album by the notorious Time for action Records, we got the chance to meet and perform our songs to Mick Jones, we had our first tour outside the U.k, as well as a U.k tour, we had Brighton and London residency gigs, we had Mick Habeshaw Robinson (otherwise known as the Ginger) asigned as our Official Manager. But most importantly we got to meet a lot of interesting and mad people at our gigs and online. It really was a great year with many great opportunities that we like to think we did justice. We only nearly killed each other a few times. I was very happy with how the Album was received by people all over the place from Germany, Italy, Corn Gastons and a few places around our home country for that i than you dear listeners. 

For 'TWENTY FIFTEEN' we have a lot of plans, for starters we have a lot of new songs that we are working on for a few single releases, E.p releases and obviously for a 2nd Album(no deadline set). More videos and Tours and more ways to keep the gigs exciting for all of you that attend. Always on the look out for more contacts in reviews, radios, promoters, we are always interested in working with good people. Watch this site as we are currently recording our next single, new art work, gigs, videos on its way. Im not going to say this is the year of Dirt Royal because.......



Thanks to everyone we had to the chance to work with last year at our gigs, and obviously to all the people that came along bought CDs and listened to us and supported us, had a great year of gigging and hope to see and work with all of you again in the future.

Friday 5th December - Gold Grube, Kassel. Germany Tour..
Saturday 6th December - Feinstaub, Frankfurt. Germany Tour.
Tuesday 16th December - The Prince Albert, Brighton. CHRISTMAS PARTY.

Friday 7th November - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton (Residency Gigs)
Saturday 8th November -Bread and Roses, London
Friday 14th November- Hotel Pelirocco (residency gigs)
Friday 21st November - Bassy Club, Berlin. Germany Tour
Saturday 22nd November - The Sonic Ballroom, Cologne. Germany Tour
Friday 28th November - Ttba, Manheim. Germany Tour.
Saturday 29th November- Multi Kulti, Wuppertal. Germany Tour

Wednesday 1st October - The Subline, Brighton
Friday 24th October - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton (Residency gig)
Saturday 25th October - 12 Bar, London
Sunday 26th October - OXJAM FESTIVAL, venue TBC, Worthing
Friday 31st October- Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton (Residency Gigs)
Friday 31st October - The Monty, Brighton (surprise)

Friday 19th September - Album Party, The Montpelier, Brighton
Saturday 20th September - 12 Bar, Soho

Friday 1st August - The Montpelier, Brighton
Friday 8th August - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton 
Sunday 17th August, - Drift Bar, Southsea
Friday 22nd August - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton
Saturday 23rd August - Joe Strummer Night, 12 Bar, Soho

Thursday 3rd July - The Hope, Brighton
Saturday 12th July - The Holroyd Arms, Brighton

Friday 6th June - The Prince Albert - Stone Foundation
Thursday 11th June- Bar 42, Worthing

Friday 1st May- The Cave Adlestone
Friday 9th May- The Blue man (Strummervill) Brighton
Friday 23rd May The Red Galleries (supporting IC1s), London
Saturday 24th May- The Hope, (Brighton Unsigned)Brighton

Friday 18th April- The Seven Stars, Brighton
Thursday 24th april- Bar 42, Worthing
Friday 25th April- The Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton
Saturday 26th April- 12 Bar, London
Sunday 27th April- The Regency, Portsmouth

Friday 14th March - Proud Cabaret, Brighton - with The Spitfires

Sunday 9th February - Portsmouth TBC
Saturday 22nd February - Hastings
Friday 28th February - Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton

Friday 18th January- The Seven Stars, Brighton