7th February at The Prince Albert

Great gig at the prince Albert saturday night, was good to see so many new faces. We really enjoyed the opening set from The Vril setting the bar for the rest of the bands, and with one man down they manage to still come across with 100% energy and melody., check the Vril out here www.facebook.com/thevrilband. Second on was Violet Class that traveled all the way down from Reading, was our first time watching this band and i like what i saw, good guitar riffs and funky drum beats, but what i enjoyed the most was the bass playing, taking the lead on a lot of sections with killer riffs, you can check Violet Class out here www.facebook.com/violetclass, two class bands. We hit the stage after this lot and decided to try out quite a few new songs which we had a good response with 'Home Made Hell' went the best, felt very powerful and the audience got in to it, 'Davids Reckoning' on the other hand needs a bit of work but you need to try these things live to see where your going wrong (and correct). Good to see all the gang at the front encouraging the new comers to get in to it also and a big shout out to Label Records for sorting it out and the team at the Albert. Back to recording for our new release......

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