What a year it was, we had the release of our Debut album by the notorious Time for action Records, we got the chance to meet and perform our songs to Mick Jones, we had our first tour outside the U.k, as well as a U.k tour, we had Brighton and London residency gigs, we had Mick Habeshaw Robinson (otherwise known as the Ginger) asigned as our Official Manager. But most importantly we got to meet a lot of interesting and mad people at our gigs and online. It really was a great year with many great opportunities that we like to think we did justice. We only nearly killed each other a few times. I was very happy with how the Album was received by people all over the place from Germany, Italy, Corn Gastons and a few places around our home country for that i than you dear listeners. 

For 'TWENTY FIFTEEN' we have a lot of plans, for starters we have a lot of new songs that we are working on for a few single releases, E.p releases and obviously for a 2nd Album(no deadline set). More videos and Tours and more ways to keep the gigs exciting for all of you that attend. Always on the look out for more contacts in reviews, radios, promoters, we are always interested in working with good people. Watch this site as we are currently recording our next single, new art work, gigs, videos on its way. Im not going to say this is the year of Dirt Royal because.......

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