Supporting Sham 69 at the 100 CLUB 27/2/15

Last night we headed up to the 100 club in London to open for Sham 69, we guessed it was going to be a night to remember. I was a bit worried after the sound check because the sound check went very well and i always see bad sound checks as good luck, don't know why but i just do. But our set went very well , the audience was all there waiting for us and gave us a warm welcome thanks to the introduction by the Human Punk promoters, such a long and bouncy stage, i couldn't help but pogo threw our set, The sham 69 manager 'Paul' was kind enough to have the sham film crew shoot our set for us, which we are very appreciative of. All an all it was a great gig, knock off were the next band on and were kind enough to let us use their back line, the place went mad when sham walked on and blasted threw their set,  i think i see too many bands our age with hardly any energy or conviction in their performance (but still top guar players, drummers etc), all those types of bands should consider going to a Sham gig at some point, (take notes). Playing a selection of the old songs that have become punk rock anthems and some new tunes in there , was enough to make the audience go insane. 100 club it self is a important and special venue for music , most defiantly in our case, was a breeding ground for the genre that has inspired us so much. Great night, great bands, great cub, and thanks to all of you that bought an album and cheered us on. Next stop is Friday 6th march at The Bread and Roses in Clapham and then Saturday 7th March at the Sidney Water Centre in Worthing. See you there. x

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