Sorting a few things out.

We didn't get round to writing about all the shows we did in May and the recording process of our next single. No news means good news in the Dirt Royal camp accept for that time when we got offered a lot of money to play a show but once i corrected them when they called us Royal Blood but still added "we are available for that date", we never heard anything thing back ha. The gigs went well met a to of new people, did some london shows ad stuff for Fringe festival, great escape all the hipster stuff then did some back alley boozer gigs in our natural habitat. Have filmed the music video for our next single 'Dr Weekend? Mr Week?'. The first edit that we had a look at a few days ago is incredible, the acting (method of course) is great, so entertaining and really gets the message of the song across, Director/ producer/ friend Jim Ford is doing a great job, really can't wait for you all to see/hear it. Im so proud of this single/ video. More news to come, test pressings of the vinyl arrive this week so then we can set a release date, finalising gigs/ art work and how ginger Micks hair really is. For the meanwhile here is a few of the gigs we got coming up and a little picture of Charlie doing some songs at the acoustic showcase in the Fred Perry Shop. 

23rd July@ The Hotel Pelirocco :8pm (free)
1st August @ The Carlisle, Hastings :2pm (free punk all sayer gig)
1st August @The Putney Club, London :7:30p (£5 or message for guest list)
25th August @ The Prince Albert, Brighton (tbc)
11th September @ The Latest Music Bar, Brighton (tbc)

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