Radio 1 Berlin . Germany

Big shout out to everyone @ Radio 1 Berlin, Germany for playing 'It Was You' the B-side for our latest single 'Dr Weekend Mr Week'

We really appreciate the continuing support from everyone in Germany, which was why we were so gutted about our January Tour being canceled. But dont worry Germany we are in the middle of sorting a 'Return of the Royals' or....'The Royals strike back'? up to you

hope to see you soon


Radio Radio Radio

Thank you to everyone @ Punky Radio for playing our latest single 'Dr Weekend' and adding us to the  playlist. check them out at www.punkyradio.com


Radio A Go Go

Big shout out to DJ Buster at Radio a Go Go for playing our latest single 'Dr Weekend Mr Week' and adding it to the shows playlist. Check out what else they are up to at http://radioagogo.co.uk/

The Putney Club - #London


Dont let the Bastards Grind you down
Girl in the shop
It Was You
Homemade Hell
Hurry Love
Dr Weekend
Glory Days
Something to believe
Army of Dogs
Busy man
The Hunter 
Bored of your Complaining 
Factory Fodder
That isn't Me

-Waiting for the Radio


Gigs Gigs Gigs

Great gig last week at Nambucca Holloway rd London, Supporting The Forte. Was a great gig and great venue, was good to see a full house on a Thursday night, turns out people do care about Rock and Roll Music.
Set List
                                                                            1. Dont let the Bastards grind you down
                                                                            2.Girl in the Shop
                                                                            3.It was You
                                                                            4.Dr Weekend (Mr Week)
                                                                            5.Glory Days
                                                                            6.Army of Dogs
                                                                            7.Busy Man
                                                                            8.Waiting for the Radio
                                                                            9.Factory Fodder
                                                                            10.That isn't me

Next Gigs


Thank you to STEVE LAMACQ BBC 6 MUSIC for playing our New single 'Dr Weekend Mr Week'. Was a huge honor to have our new single be the closing track to the show.

Great things planned in the pipeline ..... lets have a drink to celebrate 

The single is avaliable on #Vinyl and #Itunes#Amazon #Spotify @WWW.DIRTROYAL.CO.UK