Dirt Royal are a three piece Rock and Roll band from Brighton. Performing together since 2014, having released their debut Album 'This is Now' with Time For Action Records and then 'Dr Weekend' single. Dirt Royal have gone from touring the UK to Germany to BBC introducing, 6 Music to Rolling-stone magazine, Rebellion Festival, various house party's and on stage head inguries. The band are now about to release their new single 'Waiting for the Radio' and embark on their 6th UK tour to see whats next for the Brighton lads.....

'Waiting For The Radio' is the latest single by Dirt Royal due for release 21st May.

"Dirt Royal, great band from Brighton"  - Steve Lamacq (6 Music)

"Melodic and infectious is the flipside "It Was You", dealing about the yin and yang of attraction and repulsion, becoming defiant and self-deceptive towards its end"- Rolling Stone (Germany)

"A really great Garage racket from Dirt Royal" -BBC Introducing

"You guys have a raw live energy that lacks in young bands today, enjoying your band" 
-Eddie Pillar (Acid jazz)

"Cant stop playing it"
-Gary Crowley *(Amazing Radio)

"Brilliant, can i have a CD?" -Mick Jones

"With Dirt Royals single 'Girl in the shop', you get the impression that england has not moved on so much from the thatcher years that inspired so much politically minded music o emerge. Im glad there are still bands willing to voice their opinions and observations on modern life with honest, albeit and sometime cynical lyrics." -Brighton Unsigned.

"This is Now" seems rather a single compilation. Sometimes close to the rough power pp of the late seventies with catchy evergreens, but sometimes also strong with influences of melodic punk. With no doubt the lads can write songs. But to compile the whole platter like a power pop compilation, there for i pay my highest respects." -Ground Hog Day magazine. 

"Jaunty, almost Housemartins like rubbing shoulders with Punk and New Wave." -Scooter Magazine

"If the album 'This is Now' can reach the level of the singles like Army of Dogs and Factory Fodder then they have a killer platter waiting in the wings" -Plastic Bombs Magazine

"I like your stuff, very Kinks. Tell Mick i said hi" - Jimmy Pursey 

"In my not so humble opinion i would say this band sounds like the Libertines Jamming with the Chords." -Street Sound Magazine

"Dirt Royal, my personal favourite 'factory fodder' documents the modern day struggles of finding work." -Ian Markx Reviews

"Along with their great singles like That isn't me and Girl in the Shop with a true punk energetic attitude, the band also have tuneful songs with  beautiful lyrics with a clear guitar sound, songs on the album like Sob Story, north street and Busy Man."-Louder Than War Magazine.

"This is now" has speedy drumming, simple but ,melodic appropriate guitar riffs. Dirt Royals Rough harmonies give instant power to almost football chanting choruses that are straight away sing a longs." -Time For Action Records

"Tipped as the band that will explode on to the Brighton music scene (and beyond). A Brighton 3 piece, great tunes, fantastic performances these guys draw you in, make you smile,dance and naturally determined to go see them again next time." -Zooberong Promotions 

"Its an enlightening experience to see a band whose only plan is to be the living embodiment of 'phoney beatlemania has bitten the dust'. Dirt royal gave up long ago with trying to hard. Their sound is a disintegrating ballad to punk, and impossible not to like." -Albatross Audio

"Good record, good band. Here are the young ones at work that make things work. In November they tour here in Germany, if they can convert the energy of the album then i think it should be a pretty good tour." -Moloko Plus

"The next generation. A 3 piece band from Brighton whose lyrics show the suburban life, unsatisfied but optimistic." Flight 13 Records

"Jobs on offer are paying min wage and treating people like Dirt.... Dirt Royal are the voice of these people  with songs like Girl in the Shop, sickboy method and sob story project the feelings of three lads living this situation day after day, you can feel it in the passion of the lyrics that as much as we might not like to admit it, This is Now." -Ginger Magazine

"The vocals have all the right touches of melancholy , rancour, sadness and touches of hope duelled with melodic guitar hook again and again. What takes this album over the top is the salty lyrics, lyrics that show everyday life in honest light. One of the best albums of the year."-Oi! of America

"Dirt Royal appear optically more like a left-leaning mob but never the less distinguished as a well organised and disciplined disposition. Inspired in tongue and style by The Clash, but also with brit pop means in rhythm, socially commented and striking songs."- Under Dog Fanzine